Oasis Sea World No.01
Oasis Sea World No.01 – Irrawaddy Dolphin

Oasis Sea World – they are really cute!

As I wrote in an old post, Chanthaburi has a lot of sightseeing spots. Maybe Khao Khitchakut National Park is the most famous spot out of all of them. The second is Nam Tok Phlio National Park. I think everyone would say that those are the biggest two sightseeing spots in this province. So, where is the third then? It depends on each travelers purpose, but I think it is Oasis Sea World. Actually, for me, it is the best.

Oasis Sea World is famous for its pink dolphins. According to some article on the Web, it’s called the Chinese white dolphin or Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin, but I’m not sure what the official name is. So I will call it the pink dolphin here. When I went there for the first time, I was looking into the pool and it appeared from the water suddenly. Then it opened its mouth wide towards me. It looked like he was smiling. He probably thought that I was going to give him some food. He was really cute and made me feel so happy. After that, I’ve come to love this park.

Not only are there pink dolphins in Oasis Sea World, but there are also cuter dolphins. There are called Irrawaddy Dolphins. This dolphin doesn’t have a beak and its forehead is round, so it doesn’t look like a dolphin upon first sight. However, I thought it was a very cute creature.

At Oasis Sea World, we can watch a dolphin show featuring those dolphins and sometimes, we can watch them training. In addition, we can also swim with pink dolphins. I think those sights make us feel really happy. If you like dolphins, I highly recommend going to see them, but unfortunately, Oasis Sea World is located far from the town of Chanthaburi. We can get there by mini bus. However it doesn’t go to Oasis Sea World directly, it goes to a fishing port (Laem Sing) nearby. When I went there by mini bus, after I arrived at a fishing port, I asked the driver to take me to Oasis Sea World, even though they don’t usually take someone somewhere else for fee. Recently, I have rented a motorcycle to go there, but I think hiring a driver is the best option.

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Oasis Sea World No.2
Oasis Sea World No.02 – Irrawaddy Dolphin

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Oasis Sea World No.03 – Pink Dolphin
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