On the way to Ko Samet No.01
Hat Sai Kaew

On the way to Ko Samet – Speedboat was really convenient!

There are a lot of place names that start with “Ko” in Thailand. Actually, “Ko” means island in Thai, so Ko Samet is Samet Island. So, what does “Samet” mean then? According to my dictionary, it means a tree that is called Cajuput. However, I’m not sure that Ko Samet really means Cajuput Island. It could be named just by how it sounds. In any case, let’s just leave it as it is.

Anyway, Ko Samet is a small island located not so far from Bangkok or Pattaya. In order to get there, we have to go Ban Phe first. It is a port town in Rayong. It takes about 3.5 hours from Bangkok or 1.5 hours from Pattaya by bus or minivan (I think the minivan option is better. It runs faster than the bus). Then from there, we transfer to a ferry or a boat. It takes 40 minutes or so. After we arrive to the island, we have to change to a minibus to get to each beach. When I went there the first time, it was about 28 years ago, I really enjoyed the short trip from Bangkok because I could ride many kinds of vehicles. It felt like a little adventure. However, recently, we can go to Ko Samet’s popular beach directly from Ban Phe by small boat. It is a bit expensive, but it is really convenient.

By the way, it’s a personal matter, but I have some wonderful memories on this island, so I like it very much. However, when I took these pictures, I had a really boring time. At that time, I went to Ko Samet by myself because of unavoidable circumstances. If it had been Ko Samui, Ko Phiphi, Ko Chang or Phuket, I could have had more fun even though I’m lonesome, but Ko Samet is too small to stay by myself. However, I think the biggest trouble at that time was the shortage of time. If I had had enough time, I could have gone to the westside of the island. We can see a beautiful sunset from that side. Anyway, today, I’m going to show the pictures that I took on the way to Ko Samet, but these are really boring pictures, I’m sorry. I’m going to write about unavoidable circumstances on another occasion; it was a really ridiculous story, though. hahaha.

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On the way to Ko Samet No.02
Ban Phe

On the way to Ko Samet No.03
I bought ferry’s ticket at the building with red roof.
On the way to Ko Samet No.04
the market near a pier
On the way to Ko Samet No.05
On the way to Ko Samet No.05
On the way to Ko Samet No.06
a shore at Ban Phe No.1
On the way to Ko Samet No.07
a shore at Ban Phe No.2
On the way to Ko Samet No.08
the speedboat which goes to Ko Samet
On the way to Ko Samet No.09
a fishing boat
On the way to Ko Samet No.10
On the speedboat. It was very small.
On the way to Ko Samet No.11
On the speedboat. It sails really fast.

On the way to Ko Samet No.12
arrived to Had Sai Kaew



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