Fly to Ubon No.01
Fly to Ubon – At the Don Mueang Airport

Fly to Ubon – It was faster and comfortable!

From the end of April through early May, in Japan, there is a week of consecutive holidays. We call it “Golden Week”. It depends on the year how many holidays we can get, but usually, I take a few more days off to make long consecutive holidays during the week, and go to Thailand, unless I have exceptional circumstances. However, it’s always hard to decide where I should go because at that time is the season where the weather changes from hot to rainy. Therefore, it is very hard to predict the weather. A weather forecast also tends to say that it will be cloudy or thunderstorm at that time, but in my experience, even if it says that the weather isn’t fine, it will in fact often be fine. So, I can’t trust the weather forecast at all, and I don’t want to go to the beach in Southern Thailand if there is a possibility of rain. That’s why I decided not to go to the beach this year (2015). Actually, I wanted to go Krabi, though.

Instead, I decided to go to Ubon Rachathanii. This province is generally called “Ubon”. It means lotus. By the way, “Rachathanii” means Royal City. I’ve been there only once, in 1993. At that time, I didn’t have any information about Isan, so I visited TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) in Ubon’s town and asked them what sightseeing spots there are. Then they told me about Pha Taem. Before I arrived there, I had seen Khao Phra Wihaan (I wrote about that old post) and I was really impressed by it, so I thought there was no place more impressive than Khao Phra Wihaan in this province. However, Pha Taem was as fascinating as Khao Phra Wihaan.

At present, we can’t visit Khao Phra Wihaan from Thailand side, but we can always go to Pha Taem, so I wanted to see Pha Taem again. That’s why I decided to go to Ubon. However, I didn’t have so much time, so I went there by airplane. It takes about 1 hour or so. It was significantly faster and comfortable. I took Nok Air. This airline is known as a low-cost carrier, and it was designed after a type of bird known as the “Nok” which the airlines was named after. It is a cute design. That’s what I think, although, I don’t know what everyone else thinks. Anyway, this time, I’m going to show pictures of this cute airplane and scenery from the sky. I’m going to post pictures of Pha Taem and others on another occasion.

Get Directions
Fly to Ubon No.02
Fly to Ubon – The airplane we took

Fly to Ubon No.03
Fly to Ubon – flying over Bangkok
Fly to Ubon No.04
Fly to Ubon – the wing
Fly to Ubon No.05
Fly to Ubon – flying over Isan
Fly to Ubon No.06
Fly to Ubon – a large cloud
Fly to Ubon No.07
Fly to Ubon No.07
Fly to Ubon No.08
Fly to Ubon – it’s could be the Mun River
Fly to Ubon No.09
Fly to Ubon – near Ubon
Fly to Ubon No.10
Fly to Ubon – the city of Ubon
Fly to Ubon No.11
Fly to Ubon – we arrived in Ubon

Fly to Ubon No.12
Fly to Ubon – Nok Air



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